Relationship Tips + Tools

Is Your Partner…Quirky?

It’s pretty easy to keep company with people who have similar interests and personalities, but there’s something to the “opposites attract” idea, too. The differences between us keep things exciting, adding spice to the relationship and depth to our conversations....

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Money Talks: Moving Past Financial Gridlock

It’s always an adventure working with partners who have very different approaches to money. Maybe one insists on upgrading to the newest luxury car with all the extras while the other already has lucrative college savings accounts set aside for their future children....

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Expressing Needs Without Being “Needy”

Today’s million dollar question: How can we get more of what we want/need from our partners without coming across as “needy?” Here’s the thing - we all have needs. While our partners can’t meet our every need or cater to our every whim, most loving partners want to...

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