On the Verge Conference

1-Day Couples Experience

Digital Date Night

Enrichment. Connection. Community.

Change things up. You’ve been to the movies, took a sushi making class, and you’ve made the rounds on the bowling and mini golf circuits. Ready to try something new? Put your relationship in the driver’s seat for a 1-day relationship enrichment conference. Dr. John Gottman says, “Every positive thing you do in your relationship is foreplay,” so it couldn’t hurt, right?

At the On the Verge Couples Conference you’ll gain new insights and learn practical strategies to enhance your relationship right away. Hear from dynamic keynote speakers and curate your own schedule with your pick of breakout sessions.

The first On The Verge conference theme is Collide, and you can expect presentations on the transitions to marriage and parenthood, personality styles, and so much more.

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“My takeaway is to be an active listener and not be so quick to give a rebuttal.”

“Definitely recommend. It’s a lifetime investment!” 

“You are an incredible speaker! ❤️ and your info was so relevant!!!

“​Communicating has always been a problem for me in a relationship because I am an explosive person. I cannot hold it in and when I let everything out, I don’t think clearly…Being aware of the way I word things has made such a big difference. When hurt, I would aim to cut with my words. Respecting my partner and remembering that I am bringing him down helps me contain myself even if I am hurt. I also became a better listener and allow him to talk before responding or trying to defend myself.