Speaking + Training

High-energy. Relatable. Research-based.

Workshop Teaching

Need an energetic speaker or facilitator for an upcoming conference, meeting, or training? I strive to pack every presentation with approachable, research-based content, tangible tools, and amusing anecdotes.

Sampling of Past Presentations:

  • a talk on couples conflict for a local MOPS group
  • a facilitation training for women’s Bible study leaders
  • a conflict resolution skills training for charter school teachers and administrators
  • a family conflict presentation for early childhood educators/staff
  • a session on effective communication for women’s retreat attendees
  • an advanced mediation training for university resident assistants

I have had the pleasure of training and speaking for hundreds of participants from a variety of local groups and organizations, including Head Start, Uplift Education, Southern Methodist University, Texas Woman’s University, El Centro College, and Stonebriar Community Church.

Sessions on effective communication, conflict resolution, relationship dynamics and marriage can be tailored to your group or company’s specific needs and interests.


“You are an incredible speaker! ❤️ and your info was so relevant!!!

“​Communicating has always been a problem for me in a relationship because I am an explosive person. I cannot hold it in and when I let everything out, I don’t think clearly…Being aware of the way I word things has made such a big difference. When hurt, I would aim to cut with my words. Respecting my partner and remembering that I am bringing him down helps me contain myself even if I am hurt. I also became a better listener and allow him to talk before responding or trying to defend myself.

“Kara partnered with me on a training session on Conflict Mediation for Resident Assistants. Given Kara’s background, she was easily able to draw parallels that the RAs could connect with in conflicts they would encounter among their residents. Through the preparation and session, I appreciated her professionalism and the rapport she developed with her audience.

​“I’ll take away the techniques. I also benefited a lot from hearing other teachers speak about issues and hearing Kara talk through best approaches.”

“My takeaway is to be an active listener and not be so quick to give a rebuttal.”

“We learned techniques that will help to diffuse difficult situations such as validating and seeking to understand…I enjoyed the role play with a partner because it allowed me to hear and watch how other people would respond to a situation. I am going to take away owning some part of an issue.