Virtual Coaching

Marriage Prep + Enrichment

Virtual Coaching-Engaged Couple

With convenient virtual coaching sessions, you can receive research-based relationship education from the comfort of your home, in your PJs if you want, and skip the commute and traffic. You’ll learn best practices and relationship tips, participate in guided discussions and targeted exercises with your partner, and walk away with new insights and approaches you can put into practice right away!

Marriage Prep

Marriage prep is offered as an 8-hour package. Both partners complete an online assessment which identifies areas of strength and growth in the relationship. After reviewing the results, I tailor a strategy for our sessions that’s customized to your unique interests and growth areas so you get the most bang for your buck during our time together. Texas couples completing all 8 hours receive a $60 marriage license discount (valid for one year). Evening and weekend options available.

Couples pay a non-refundable deposit of $120 to reserve their dates and take the couples assessment. The deposit is credited toward the final session. Rates are $120/hour, paid via Stripe prior to each session.

Returner Check-ups

As an exclusive offering for returning couples who have participated in one of my 8-hour marriage prep programs, I offer quick couple check-up sessions to help you keep your relationship on track and thriving! These are great around your anniversary when you’re looking to reconnect and realign for the coming year, or to prepare for an upcoming transition like a big move or new baby. 

Check-up sessions are intended to be standalone boosters for couples looking to make small tweaks and shifts to keep things moving along smoothly (going from “good” to “great”). Returners pay a $35 non-refundable deposit and receive a discounted rate of $100/hour. One, 2-hour session is typically recommended

Note: Marriage prep sessions and couple check-ups are educational in nature, delivered as relationship enrichment, and are NOT intended to be therapy. If you consider yourselves in distress, or if you have concerns related to abuse, infidelity, addiction, or mental health, please contact me for a list of local counseling/therapy resources that may be helpful to you, or visit The Gottman Referral Network.


Kara’s practical approach to relationship building and tips have made us a lot stronger as a couple and empowered me to be a better husband to my wife. Our work with Kara helped us tackle some of the bigger issues (money, family planning, intimacy) that honestly no sane couple should address without some assistance. I look forward to participating in further workshops down the road with Kara as she really is that helpful. To the future husbands that are on the fence about working with Kara; my advice to is to do it. As it will pay dividends for years to come.”

“Kara is so relatable and easy to talk to. We went into private sessions with her needing guidance on some of the big marriage decisions, like family and financial planning. We learned so much about each other and left with the tools for a successful marriage. Highly recommend, will definitely see her again.”

Our time with Kara did not disappoint! We learned skills, tips and tricks to help us through just about any situation or problem. On top of that, Kara expertly broke down some of the things that were keeping is from realizing our relationship’s full potential with wonderful examples from her own relationship and from her studies. Kara is a great communicator, fun and personable. If we ever need a refresher on some of the points we learned, there’s no question that we will reach out to her. We’d highly recommend Kara’s sessions to anyone!!”

“We are in a good place and wanted to ensure we have the tools to fix any conflicts in the future…The tools are really helpful and you present them in a meaningful way.”